Hey guys!
I'm so excited you are here! I'm Hawaii based Couple & Intimate Wedding Photographer. Apparently, I'm a wife to the most charming husband ever.. Older ladies love him.. They literally start flirting with him even when I'm right there.. Anyways, we have 3 beautiful daughters together and the cutest dog ever, Bruno.

I have been in to this photo thing for some time but decided to pursue my career in photography few years back & and I'm so grateful I did! Don't get me wrong, I love to be a mom but I also want to be a woman, who achieved something in her live. I want to be in memories of all of my clients when they look at their photographs in years to come.

Photography is not my passion, people are! I value relationships and experiences over anything. I believe it's important to build a connection with whoever is in front of my camera, so that I can tell their story so much better. (That's why the contact form is that long... oh wait.. you haven't heard about my 20 question long questionnaire yet .. haha)

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