About me


Oahu based lifestyle, engagement and intimate wedding photographer. Capturing raw, honest, and genuine moments for those who are adventurous and fearlessly in love.

…That magical spark in his eyes as he glances at you, or that warm smile that feels like home no matter where you are, or the naughty words he whispers in your ear to make you laugh – it’s these special moments that make me love what I do. I yearn to capture the magic between two souls in love. That special something that connects you two… The bottom line, out of every human on the planet you found each other and I think that’s powerful!

What I'm all about

I am not just a photographer. I am a woman, a mother and a wife who finds beauty in the simple things and thrives on capturing raw moments between two lovers. Real, genuine people and emotions are my biggest inspiration. I’m all about the moments that are perfectly imperfect, the significant and in-between, and those special ones when no-one is watching… I’d like to capture the most honest version of yourself, may be it tears or laughs, or the loving, bubbly, shy or quirky you. I believe the best images happen when you are letting go and being yourself.

So, you be you and allow me to tell your story…

“Sometimes it’s the seemingly insignificant moments in our lives that make it worth remembering.”